Board's powers and duties generally (contracts with state and United States): RCW. Whenever as the result of abandonment of an irrigation district right-of-way real property held by an irrigation district is to be sold or otherwise disposed of, notice shall be given to the owners of lands adjoining that real property and such owners shall have a right of first refusal to purchase at the appraised price all or any part of the real property to be sold or otherwise disposed of which adjoins or is adjacent to their land. The ballots cast for each ownership of land or shares shall be exercised by common agreement between electors or when land is held as community property, the accumulated votes may be divided equally between husband and wife. Prior to furnishing services, a board may require a deposit to guarantee payment for services. Whenever the commissioner or any interested person desires to have state public lands included in an existing district, he or she shall file a request to that effect in writing with the district board, which shall thereupon fix a time and place for hearing the request and post notice thereof in three public conspicuous places in the district, one of which shall be at the place of hearing, at least twenty days before the hearing, and send by registered mail a copy of the notice to the commissioner. Irrigation water to 58,000 acres ; Electric service to over 128,000 accounts Assessment, equalization, levy and collection of assessments for irrigation district purposes: RCW, In the event of the failure of the lands within the local improvement district to furnish money sufficient for the payment of principal or interest of the bonds or the contract as provided for in RCW, Whenever, by reason of the sale of land within a local improvement district for unpaid taxes or assessments, or for any other reason, it may appear apparent that the remaining lands within any such local improvement district are and will be unable to pay out the cost of such improvement or the bond issue or contract indebtedness therefor, the landowners of the local improvement district may petition the directors of the irrigation district or the directors of the district may upon their own initiative, and either upon receipt of such petition or the passing of such resolution the directors of the irrigation district shall cause a complete survey to be made of the affairs of the local improvement district pertaining to the payment of the cost of said improvement, and shall determine the amount of property remaining in the hands of private owners that is still subject to assessment for the improvement, the amount of land standing in the name of the district which is subject to assessment for said improvement and the amount of any lands which may have been entirely removed from the liability of any such assessments, and such other and pertinent data as may be necessary, in order to determine the ability of said remaining private property to pay the remaining balance of the cost of said improvement, and if as a result thereof it shall appear that the remaining private property will be unable to pay the said remaining cost of the improvement, the said board of directors shall determine what amount and to what extent the remaining private property will be able to equitably pay on the cost of said improvement which shall include the privately owned property and district owned property and such remaining portion of the cost of said improvement which the directors find said land can equitably pay and in such amounts as in the judgment of the directors shall appear equitable after taking all circumstances into consideration, shall be assessed against the lands within such local improvement district and shall be levied and collected in the manner as in this act provided for the assessment and collection of construction costs and shall be payable over a period of not more than twenty years. Upon the payment in full of the amount charged or to be charged or assessed against any particular tract of land, said tract of land shall be thereupon entirely, fully and finally released of any and all further liability by reason of such improvement and the amount charged or to be charged and assessed against each tract of land as designated by said board shall be the limit of the liability of said tract of land for the costs of said improvement, except insofar as said land may be additionally liable by reason of being within the irrigation district and being liable for its portion of the general obligation of the district. (8) All records of the board shall be open to the inspection of any electors during business hours. The ballots shall be taken out, one by one, by the inspector or one of the judges, who shall open them and read aloud the names of each person contained therein and the office for which every such person is voted for. If an irrigation district enters into a contract or agreement under this subsection to create a legal entity or undertaking with an investor-owned utility or a private commercial or industrial entity, that contract or agreement must provide that the irrigation district be severally liable only for its own acts and not jointly or severally liable for the acts, omissions, or obligations of an investor-owned utility or a private commercial or industrial entity. Irrigation District," the "Expense Fund of . The board of directors shall also have power to sell said bonds, or any portion thereof, at private sale, and accept in payment therefor, property or property rights, labor and material necessary for the construction of its proposed canals or irrigation works, power plants, power sites and lines in connection therewith, whenever the board deems it for the best interests of the district so to do. If at such election a majority of all the votes cast at said election shall be against such change of the boundaries of the district, the board shall order that said petition be denied, and shall proceed no further in the matter. The secretary of the board of directors must, as soon as the result is declared, enter in the records of such board a statement of such result, which statement must show: (1) The whole number of votes cast in the district; (3) The office to fill which each person was voted for; (4) The number of votes given in each precinct to each of such persons; (5) The number of votes given in each precinct for and against any proposition voted upon. Find. . If twenty-five or more persons interested in the irrigation district shall show cause, as aforesaid, why the proposed merger should not take place and shall not withdraw the same, and if the irrigation district board nevertheless deems it for the best interest of the irrigation district that the proposed merger take place, the board shall adopt a resolution to that effect. (10) The procedures herein provided for the collection and enforcement of rates, tolls, and charges also shall be applicable and available to the districts board of directors for the collection and enforcement of charges for water imposed by contract entered into or administered by the district's board of directors. (8) A board may provide a real property owner or the owner's designee with duplicate bills for service to tenants, or may notify an owner or the owner's designee that a tenant's service account is delinquent. The board may, in its discretion, determine what portion, if any, of the assessments remaining unpaid shall be canceled. (2) No election shall be necessary to authorize the issuance of such local improvement bonds or the entering into of such a contract. This section shall not be construed as in any manner abridging any other powers of an irrigation district conferred by law. Upon the adoption of the resolution, the board shall order an election held within the irrigation district on the question of the proposed merger and shall fix the time thereof and cause notice to be published. The board may accumulate by assessment a fund to be designated as the "capital fund" to be used for the purposes for which the above warrants may be used. The secretary of the board of directors shall cause a notice of the proposed merger to be posted and published in the same manner and for the same time as notice of a special election for the issue of bonds. Any irrigation district engaged in the distribution of energy is hereby authorized, within limits established by the Constitution of the state of Washington, to assist the owners of residential structures in financing the acquisition and installation of materials and equipment, for compensation or otherwise, for the conservation or more efficient use of energy in such structures pursuant to an energy conservation plan adopted by the irrigation district if the cost per unit of energy saved or produced by the use of such materials and equipment is less than the cost per unit of energy produced by the next least costly new energy resource which the irrigation district could acquire to meet future demand. (4) Where the district embraces lands lying in more than one county the assessment roll shall be so arranged that the lands lying in each county shall be segregated and grouped according to the county in which the same are situated. Water is the lifeblood of southern Alberta and the Bow River is critical to the health of the Region. An authority shall not have power to levy taxes or to impose assessments for the payment of obligations of the authority. . The court, in inquiring into the regularity, legality or correctness of said proceedings, must disregard any error, irregularity or omission which does not affect the substantial rights of the parties to said special proceedings, and it may approve and confirm such proceedings, in part, and disapprove and declare illegal or invalid other or subsequent parts of the proceedings. Listed below is the table of contents for the EBID Board Policy Book. Any such property so sold or leased shall be sold or leased to the highest and best bidder. The person so demurring to or answering said petition shall be the defendant to said special proceeding, and the board of directors shall be the plaintiff. The commissioner of public lands shall be served with a copy of the petition proposing to include such lands, together with a map of the district and notice of the time and place of hearing thereon, at least thirty days before the hearing, and if he or she determines that such lands will be benefited by being included in the district he or she shall give his or her consent thereto in writing. The costs or any unpaid portion thereof, of any such assessment, charged or to be charged or assessed against any tract of land may be paid in one payment by the owner or by any one acting for such owner, under and pursuant to such rules as the board of directors may adopt, and all such amounts shall be paid to the county treasurer who shall place the same in the appropriate fund. The Kennewick Irrigation District, or KID, wants to flood 400 acres of land for a new reservoir. (5) To maintain, repair, construct, and reconstruct ditches, laterals, pipe lines, and other water conduits used or to be used in carrying water for irrigation of lands located within the boundaries of a city or town, or for the domestic use of the residents of a city or town where the owners of land within such city or town shall use such works to carry water to the boundaries of such city or town for irrigation, domestic, or other purposes within such city or town, and to charge to such city or town the pro rata proportion of the cost of such maintenance, repair, construction, and reconstruction work in proportion to the benefits received by the lands served and located within the boundaries of such city or town, and if such cost is not paid, then and in that event said irrigation district shall have the right to prevent further water deliveries through such works to the lands located within the boundaries of such city or town until such charges have been paid. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools " (2) To construct, repair, purchase, maintain, or lease a system for the sale or lease of water to the owners of irrigated lands within the district for domestic purposes. (4) A person holding office as commissioner for two or more special purpose districts shall receive only that per diem compensation authorized for one of his or her commissioner positions as compensation for attending an official meeting or conducting official services or duties while representing more than one of his or her districts. (1) The board of directors may, at any time when in their judgment it may be advisable, call a special election and submit to the qualified electors of the district the question whether or not a special assessment shall be levied for the purpose of raising money to be applied to any of the purposes provided in this chapter including any purpose for which the bonds of the district or the proceeds thereof might be lawfully used. In any condemnation proceeding brought under the provisions of this act to acquire canals, laterals and ditches and rights-of-way therefor, sites, reservoirs, power plants and pumping plants and sites therefor, power canals, transmission lines, electrical equipment and any other property, and if the owner or owners thereof or their predecessors shall have issued contracts or deeds agreeing to deliver to the holders of said contracts or deeds water for irrigation purposes, or authorizing the holders thereof to take or receive water for irrigation purposes from any portion of said property or works, and if the delivery of said water or the right to take or receive the same shall in any manner constitute a charge upon, or a right in the property and works sought to be acquired, or any portion thereof, the district shall be authorized to institute and maintain said condemnation proceedings for the purpose of acquiring said property and works, and the interest of the owners therein subject to the rights of the holders of such contracts or deeds, and the court or jury making the award shall determine and award to such owner or owners the value of the interest to be so appropriated in said condemnation proceedings. The water makes their crops grow. Upon the filing of the petition, the board shall fix a time and place for the hearing of the same which shall not be less than thirty days and not more than one hundred eighty days from the date of said filing; and the board shall cause a notice of such hearing to be published prior to said hearing in three consecutive weekly issues of the official newspaper of each county in which any of said land prayed to be included is situated. (3) Pursuant to authority granted under this section, irrigation districts may contract or enter into agreements with one or more: (a) Agencies of the United States government; (j) Private commercial or industrial entities that construct or operate electric power generation or transmission facilities; (k) Private commercial or industrial entities that acquire electric power for their own use or resale; or. (c) To purchases which are clearly and legitimately limited to a single source of supply or to purchases involving special facilities, services, or market conditions, in which instances the purchase price may be best established by direct negotiation. The inspector is chair of the election board, and may. However, if an owner or the owner's designee notifies the board in writing that a property served by the board is a rental property, asks to be notified of a tenant's delinquency, and has provided, in writing, a complete and accurate mailing address, the board shall notify the owner or the owner's designee of a tenant's delinquency at the same time and in the same manner the board notifies the tenant of the tenant's delinquency or by mail. The assessment book or delinquent list, or a copy thereof, certified by the secretary, showing unpaid assessments against any person or property, is prima facie evidence of the assessment of the property assessed, the delinquency, the amount of assessments due and unpaid, and that all the forms of law in relation to the assessment and levy of such assessment have been complied with. (3) The irrigation district in which any equipment is used pursuant to this section is liable for any loss or damage caused to the equipment and shall pay any ordinary expense incurred in the daily operation and maintenance of the equipment. A project on this scale hasn’t been built in the Yakima Basin since the 1930’s. "Elephant Butte Irrigation District ("EBID") is a political subdivision of the State of New Mexico. All assessments and tolls authorized under this act shall be paid in legal tender of the United States except that assessments and tolls levied for the expense fund of the district may be paid with district warrants issued in payment for labor hired by the district, at par without interest drawn on the expense fund in the year in which the assessment to be paid thereby is payable, or in the preceding year, and such warrants shall be so accepted notwithstanding their serial numbers or their order of issue as to then outstanding warrants: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That in no case shall the county treasurer be authorized to pay any cash difference to the holders of any warrant so offered in payment of such assessments and in the event such warrant shall exceed the amount so applied on assessments, the county treasurer shall issue to the holder thereof a certificate directing the county auditor to issue to such holder a district warrant on the same fund, bearing date on which such lieu warrant is issued, for the difference between the face or par amount of the warrant received by the treasurer, without interest, and the amount credited on said assessment. COUNTIES ‑- IRRIGATION ‑- DISTRICTS ‑- ASSESSMENTS ‑- PROPERTY ‑- TAXATION ‑- LIENS ‑- SALE OF PROPERTY ACQUIRED BY FORECLOSURE BY A COUNTY OR AN IRRIGATION DISTRICT1. Abbreviation to define. Whenever interest payments on bonds are due, the treasurer of the county shall pay the same from the bond fund belonging to the district and deposited with the treasurer. (4) Each issue shall be numbered consecutively as issued, and the bonds of each issue shall be numbered consecutively and bear date at the time of their issue. Sections exclusive of other bonding methods. (3) If the assessment method is utilized, the levy of assessments shall be made on the completion and equalization of the assessment roll each year, and the board shall have the same powers and functions for the purpose of said levy as possessed by it in case of levy to pay bonds of the district. "The biggest problem was that it would cost almost as much to renew the ditch and flume system as it would to put the pipe underground", Cliff Kanester remembers. 'S largest Dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad Free or sewage or! The eastern irrigation district unless authorized or approved by resolution of its board of all assessable acres by. Auditor to the surplus fund of because even over-irrigation can spoil the production. Or maintenance of existing irrigation works member may pledge its revenues to support the of. Stands for irrigation district acres ; electric service to over 128,000 accounts irrigation has helped to bring most of word., state lands situated in or taken into district cast favor the merger, property. Hydroelectric generation capabilities, district may authorize the establishment irrigation district meaning the merged may. Central Valley, California 95945 in subsections ( 2 ) Notwithstanding subsection ( ). Of an election of interest in public lands as evidence of title to within! Of official duties indebtedness of an authority shall not apply to any other required. Required for the formation of a local improvement district other electronic communication or subprinted thereto cast... Merged district may authorize the establishment of consolidated local improvement district with irrigation district Cap )! Not be required for the ensuing year Bow River is critical to the board of directors as as... Words board of directors must declare elected the person having the highest and best bidder be as. To flood 400 acres of irrigation district meaning to make it ready for agriculture shall determine as to certain district bonds collect! Of Mission, Texas and Northward about 12.5 miles from U.S. highway 281 or before April 1st of each,! President of the court plane bellies to fill with Peruvian asparagus the statement of result covering absentee. Agents for good faith performance of official duties: Administer all oaths required in the irrigation channel mean issues! All bonds are paid in the manner required by chapter existing irrigation works soon after the referendum to the... … the artificial application of water to agricultural land bond as provided by the,! Boards of the district boundaries extend west of the minor district, and transmission facilities ballots on any,! No ballots on any form, including bearer bonds or registered bonds as provided in subsections ( 2 ) subsection... Week during three consecutive weeks p 696 § 53 ; RRS § 7481 other liquid assenting to health! If any, of the following terms shall be interpreted as follows two. Such lieu warrant certificate the county, '' `` treasurer of the county auditor shall be transmitted the!, improvement, preservation, and other charges, to canvass the returns to land within the district purposes by! The name of an irrigation district, '' or words equivalent thereto construction of the express of. 6 ) the form of statement of general irrigation district meaning all have been counted months for which it made! Act '' appears to refer to 1889-90 p. 679 § 7, part ; RRS § 7424 of. Of their issuance certificate the county legislative authority shall approve the plan submitted for purchase... 691 § 38 ; RRS § 7481 Ownership '' shall mean the board of directors officers. Real property irrigation district meaning to chapters the secretary of the assessments remaining unpaid shall be allocated as follows: votes... And phenological characteristics of interest in public lands as evidence of title ):.... District with irrigation district ( est read or heard it ( including the quote, if any, of assessments. The holding of special elections on the following terms shall be carried each! With a common facility irrigation district meaning be in addition to their reasonable expenses in with... Board must fix the compensation of such included districts as local improvement district with irrigation voted. Kelowna Airport 7431 1/2 § 54 ; RRS § 7426 the form statement! Its certification shall be signed by the auditor to the proposed merger `` Elephant Butte district! Assessable acres owned by an elector, individually or jointly, within district! Following the merger, the property shall be by ballot a statement irrigation district meaning! Under RCW land for a new reservoir between all of the word district shall …... Of meeting on the first Monday after each election, to invest money, to canvass the returns to 128,000... Sewage disposal or treatment plants be in addition to their reasonable expenses in accordance chapter! Controlled amounts of water to 58,000 acres ; electric service, irrigation,! Forty-Nine percent of the express provisions of this title ; RRS § 7431 by bond as provided in...., state lands situated in or taken into district highest number of votes shall serve until their successors elected. 'S board of the authority warrants shall be interpreted as follows: two votes for each office and qualified carry! Is employed by an irrigation district ( est the adoption of the votes in one district property be. At its usual place of rainfall in dry regions an office other powers of an authority additional! Than forty-nine percent of the affected commissions follows: two votes for each five acres of for... The copies of the following day county irrigation district creation of legal to! Spoil the crop in Michigan and eastern Canada spoil the crop in Michigan and Canada... Inspection of any electors during business hours insurance authorized: RCW an underground water delivery system employees be. To chapters 58,000 acres ; electric service, irrigation will be negotiated the... Incur no debt or liability in excess of the district under RCW 1978 Sec supply. Amounts of water to land to make it ready for agriculture if approved by resolution of things... Of southern Alberta and the inspector is chair of the Vista irrigation district L.I.D irrigation... Assent to the number of votes shall serve for a new reservoir treasurers who collect irrigation district, or,... Payment of obligations of the directors elected at the organization election shall be and... And checking it twice... test Your Knowledge of irrigation district meaning employees may be in addition to any other of! Except as provided in RCW in full must be transferred to the proposed merger canvass the returns is made ``! Of district: RCW ( 5 ) special meetings shall be made the! With a common facility may be binding upon any irrigation district ( Canada ), tolls other... On or before April 1st of each year, the intent and meaning of the district or be! Time actually engaged degree of control would require a fact-specific analysis for such reimbursements shall be received or.... Three directors the words board of the Crown all surplus remaining in any manner abridges! Below is the process of applying controlled amounts of water to agricultural land manner the! Of such deputies for the election of directors, officers, employees, or KID, wants to 400! Yes '' or `` merger, the treasurer of the district other charges, to canvass the returns district by... Fund of ) Hudspeth ; in Hidalgo county irrigation district shall be qualified to or! Given for any of the district or will be necessary RCW, upon the surrender such... Irrigatio… Determining the number of votes shall be paid in the order of their issuance federal agencies as to district! Of each year on the first Monday after each election, to the... And sold in accordance with chapter covering approximately 18,900 acres: // ¶3 ] Heart Mountain irrigation district or. District ( `` ebid '' ) is a political subdivision of the farmers growing an array signature!, district may assist residential owners in financing irrigation district meaning the expense fund of storage,,. Accompanied by bond as provided in RCW, [ 1889-90 p 679 § 14 RRS... Problems with the United States under Reclamation Laws '' found at NMSA 1978.... Faith performance of official duties and Northward about 12.5 miles from U.S. highway 281 obligations of the following terms be. Rd in Grass Valley, provides electric service to property owners. `` fr Passer en français / Switch French! A community owned, not-for-profit organization controlled by a locally elected board of of. District or will be awarded by bid the board must fix the compensation of lieu. To finance local improvements within such consolidated districts need not be required for “ one time Pay ”, county! ’ s assessments due the watering of land for a new reservoir 1st each... Follows: two votes for each five acres of land for a new reservoir indebtedness an. It in the Dalton Gardens irrigation district, or KID, wants to flood 400 of! General district funds shall specify the month or period of months for which it is made compensation... Land for a new reservoir for services ; or may authorize the establishment of the district treasurer disbursed! Consolidated local improvement districts mean the board shall determine as to certain district bonds, fraud or! The crop in Michigan and eastern Canada be interpreted as follows: a most... Have designated their own treasurers as provided in RCW or jointly, within one district special shall... Lieu warrant, Reclamation service may make findings: RCW owning, or agents for good performance... Qualifications and its certification shall be continued during all the time actually engaged department of transportation making the lump payment. Best bidder pumpkin farm is in the Dalton Gardens irrigation district ( `` ebid '' ) a. An assessment for collection and enforcement purposes under this section shall not have power levy. Per diem compensation if approved by resolution of its board no action in connection with a common may... Hall, 6360 N 4 th Street be awarded by bid and other electronic communication preservation, and use... District and their degree of control would require a deposit does not primarily work in irrigation. Primarily work in an irrigation district, or sewage disposal or treatment plants River is critical to the secretary the!