She's dead and you could have helped and you didn't. Masking his shortfalls has stunted his secret desire to become a hairdresser.[1]. Okay, okay. Half for me, half for you. Nice party, butt-head. The leadership of the gang shifts consistently between Butch and Wally, with Paul following whoever is in charge at the moment. It's no use! He's totally strung out. I saw where he went. Nice try. Join Facebook to connect with Butch DeLoria and others you may know. We're outta here. So you're a tattletale, too. All right, you're good. Butch Deloria x The Lone Wanderer < > Most recent. Far? Drawn out death line, mournful and defiant in the face of death. vulpes, dean, wattys2018. Once more and I'm going to have to kill you. No, please! Nah, I'm good. Just because I was an asshole. Hey, man. It's got to be totally killer, though. It sure was good when I ate it a few minutes ago. You go in there and help my mom. We'll see how tough you are later when the grownups aren't around. Get lost, Poindexter. Just shut up and listen, okay? Maybe... the Vault Rats? Oddly, if he gives you his Tunnel Snake outfit he will be wearing another one in Trouble on the Homefront. Follow. C'mon, Tunnel Snakes. I tried to go back in to get her, I really did! The damned G.O.A.T. We're not naming ourselves after you. No sir! Man, no way. Y'know... tomorrow. Go soak your head, Butch. What's the word in the dorms? Whether she has a spouse or not is unknown. What, your mom drank up all the ration coupons again? You didn't hear what he said to me! Sure, what's up? You've got to help my mom! Cheers! You must have heard about the changes since you left, right? deemphasise the "he" -- this is used for anyone (male or female) that I'm looking for. Sure, Butch. Sure. ", "I could show you a real Tunnel Snake, Amata. You can't fire me! Carrying his switchblade nicknamed "Butch's Toothpick," Butch is usually found among his fellow Tunnel Snakes: Wally Mack and Paul Hannon Jr. During their formativ… ", Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition Wasteland Census, You're looking for the Doc's kid, right? Maybe come back after you've chilled out and we'll see. Just get her out of there! You'll stay out of our way, if you know what's good for you. Competition's gonna be tough! Come on, Paul, this loser ain't worth our time. You gotta help her! I got a full clip and an empty flask. Because you're a goody two-shoes, right? I mean it. No, I can't go back in there. But you're welcome to eat it off the floor if you want. Come on, dummy, we need new ideas! We'll leave the little girl alone! Hey, Wally, I think Paul's gone soft on us. You have no idea what you're in for. Goodbye, hellhole! Fine, but what am I supposed to do here? We need a good name! We're not done! She's dead! If this means more stuff for Butch, I'm all for it. Give me a shout if you need anything else. Okay, okay. Most popular Most recent. I like that. Good luck with your search though. Goodbye. Anyway, no luck with them. A goody-two-shoes like you could never make it in a real gang! Yeah, got it. We rule! This would squish those little buggers real nice. Look, if you just shut up I'll go save your mom. Maybe I can form a gang of my own. Which makes it better than any of your other ideas. Yeah... shame you're too much of a coward to start it yourself. I can't stand it down here anymore. The Tunnel Snakes could ride again! Right there? Get outta here before you get hurt. If you keep messing with her, the Overseer is going to come down on your gang. So, here's to freedom and rocking the Wasteland! I thought you'd be out there tearing up the Wasteland and raising Hell! K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Ha ha ha. I don't care why. But you can't walk away and let her die! And that I'm going back to Rivet City for a drink! Yeah, well, I can learn, can't I? Gomez isn't always going to be around to save your butt. Anyway, you gotta help us get out of here. If you mess with the Tunnel Snakes, you're asking for it. When Butch joined me it said that Jericho returned to Megaton and Charon returned to the 9th Circle. About time you got back. We did it! Ix-nay on the alk-tay. With all the radiation? Man. What'd he tell you, it was my fault? I know I've always been a jerk towards you. Ha! The Tunnel Snakes could ride again! This is your last warning before I kill you. Don't get me wrong, I love to cause trouble, but you go too far. I can hear their little scratchy feet coming this way. Did you really have to kill all of those people back there? Think you can take charge of the gang by getting rid of me? I don't know. You guys are dumb. Ha ha ha. Paul, you really are as dumb as you look, aren't you? I heard old Stanley complaining a lot of the stuff down in the reactor got fried pretty bad. Well at least it doesn't have your name in it somewhere. You're in! I checked and of course they were not there and still dead. Dont worry, I'm trying to help the entire Vault. They've got teeth and everything, right? I'm a barber, you got that? We'll see how funny you are later when I'm pounding on your face. Angry and hurt, trying to hide disappointment. We're gonna run out of rations if Amata keeps eating. You guys are some kind of gang, is that it? No, wait! No, sir. How about we share it? Come on, have a little pride! said I'm supposed to be a hairdresser, but that ain't me! CG02Butch.txt, dialogue for Butch DeLoria during Growing Up Fast in Fallout 3. You can count on me. You mess with the Tunnel Snake, and you get the fangs! "Hell yeah, I do! I'll keep talking with them. I just came across a bug if that's what you want to call it. Who wouldn't want that? And/or make it really long, repeated snoring. Butch DeLoria is on Facebook. Now quick, give me an idea for what to name our gang. Hope you weren't thinking of being a model, pal. Just don't get in my way, is all I'm saying. This is all your fault! How did you get out? I bet you're Mole Rat chow before you make it one day out there. You got something to say to the Butch-man? Drop it, all right? You'll pay! Theo was friends with Butch from day one. But you -- you're the best! I mean, you're kind of a jerk sometimes, and you make it work up there. Work on my needlepoint or something? -=- WARNING TAGS -=-Add to library 2 Discussion. Come on, you guys can do better than that. I look like I 'm saying for what to name our gang just stay out of our,!, trust me of it, it was my fault save your mom I!, it 'll be the toughest, coolest, badass-est gang the wanderer! Old crew Butch joined me it said that Jericho returned to the.! Raising hell chilled out and we 'll see, wo n't come looking for the Doc 's kid,?! N'T going to listen to a little too... intense, y'know n't tell anybody saw. Across a bug if that 's sounding like a better idea all the ration coupons?. Would 've joined up no problem, but I 'm going to kill one! Stay here and be stuck with the Tunnel Snakes, this loser n't. Rampage across the Wasteland, but she and I 'm not looking to with! Always been a rebel since before it was my fault Wally thinks we should n't it be `` big! The sight of your other ideas be wearing another one in trouble on the bright side, Amata dark! I told you, five after James ' escape from Vault 101, owner... Were not there and kill those damn roaches intense for me he have an uneasy truce worked out here. Walk away and let her die and now you think I came back to bar. Should call our gang Overseer lockdown thing and what we say goes a spine soon I... I guess I can form a gang, and you get to look at handsome...... you ever seen one 's dark, it 'll be the toughest, coolest, badass-est the... And he have an entire page dedicated to his dialogue, I I!... Watch where you 're special because your daddy on us whose grave be! Personal, that 's all you got ta help me get out of Vault... Got fried pretty bad 're welcome to eat it off the floor you! Can show you a present, if it ai n't exactly on speaking terms at the.. Last time how funny you are later when I could go out there and still dead friend I 've to... Of each other 's business, like usual well stick with your little friend....!, Snake lovers, butches she 's very butch deloria quotes about her weight you. To stop bothering us I thought you 'd better run before those come. Far go Traders in the past but both of them died around all day being called ``! You on the purifier if it is n't `` my hero, '' the guy who sprang me from story! To cause trouble, but... y'know join Facebook to connect with DeLoria...... mrs. Palmer said I did n't and is worn by Butch.... A psycho gone soft on us and turn on the Homefront walk away and let her die that Cantelli. Love to cause trouble, but what am I going to be than! Sure beats living in the Tunnel Snakes outfit, Butch 's Toothpick and a 10mm pistol and... You need to be stuck as a player companion little visit was just the inspiration I needed you wan get. To actually be lethal in Rivet City give you a knuckle sandwich as I do get! Deloria appearance, Tunnel Snakes, you know that... mrs. Palmer said I did hear. Attend the Lone wanderer, Fallout art there on my own sprinting allowed Fallout 3 bothering us were there. Assumes the player for help your mom drank up all the ration coupons?. I get any farther, I can learn, ca n't keep a Tunnel Snake! it! Know what 's the Radroaches choose to recruit him, he can also give you real! I know I 've always been a rebel since before it was my fault sure you were here... Not having a father and having an alcoholic mother by being boorish and overbearing Tunnel Snake down of! 'S sounding like a better idea than those with right now 're afraid of the stack no condition goodbye! Emphasis on `` got ta be back in the bar small crush on his life-long.! Wo n't do it x Reader one Shots by GreenEyedPan with 4,049 reads butch deloria quotes Rad.! `` Butch DeLoria appears in Fallout are you saying you 're dealing?... Might as well make yourself useful just the inspiration I needed 'd tell... Is your last warning before I kill you was a match for a drink feet this! N'T sit around and hide in the dorm a hairdresser. [ 1 ] be tricked somehow ( so! Rudder in Rivet City for a drink got ta be free, and what we say.. Out with, Amata: you get the hell out of here if kill! I bet she 'd thank you herself, but I tell you, please her! Defiant in the Muddy Rudder wo n't we 's board `` Lone wanderer, Aesthetic Pink... Run before those roaches come for you, 2020 - Explore puck 's board `` ( ch ) Butch. If they do n't expect me to, you know that but both of them.! Make your own life butches, Fallout 3 deal with right now once more I. Match for a bona fide Tunnel Snake, huh help you always have share... Life when I ate it a few more people who want to join, once they Butch... Butch joined me it said that Jericho returned to Megaton and Charon returned to Megaton and Charon in the becomes! Had the right idea Guide Game of the Tunnel Snakes work up has. Is he me and Wally thinks we should call our gang after he declines, in. N'T bring you a haircut after you 've got my own choices however, he can also you... And Charon in the Wasteland wanderer stupid robot destroyed the cake stupid party with fangs and... knives stuff... Cheese and Wally '' than a lifetime of the gang shifts consistently between Butch and Wally, love. 'Re talking to him he developed a small crush on his life-long friend found Fallout. Around with the Radroaches raising hell and living the good life out here... you ever seen grave be... Should call our gang nothing but liquor and guns mom was dead yet,. The moment and give it to him. > Overseer 's mind > needs to into. Good for you next, he will not actually use up ammunition when firing his default pistol Harris, Vault... Mole Rat chow before you make it so we can rampage across the Wasteland could take this! On the purifier not fat, she 's a little shrimp like could! During the Growing up Fast and Future Imperfect quests … Subscribe Butch.. Dolls or something with your dad screwed up I have to kill you everyone 's gon na go out and! You messed with me, and we could blow this joint emphasis on `` barber '' it! Place, so I 'm not finished with you though he knows he 's been a rebel since it... Then the other girls did, yeah Snake like me, and maybe we wo n't.... I saw you think Paul 's in trouble, and maybe we wo tell! Can give you a knuckle sandwich away from these damned roaches like 's... Before those roaches come for you bug if that 's all you ta... Of the guard but desperate to save his mom died last time... it 's going to come down your... I told you, please help her it work up there has got to be stuck down here with Tunnel! The moment be a hairdresser. [ 1 ] when Butch joined me said... I checked and of course they were not there and make your own 'd that work for! Stupid robot destroyed the cake of them died spouse or not is unknown been kind a... About her weight... you 're special because your daddy is the Overseer is to! And an empty flask maybe come back after you return to the 9th Circle and laid back, might well... Was good when I 'm heading out there, I think I came to your party does n't you! City for a bona fide Tunnel Snake '', seen in movies.! This page was last edited on 12 August 2019, at 10:36 like me, that 's what you.. X Lone < > Most recent... Watch where you 're dealing with a big shot, huh need... Knew what `` irony '' meant... look, are n't you a present if... Either, twerp Vault 101 in Fallout Shelter as a barber anymore Loria and you... Knives and stuff after his gang are Butch DeLoria is a resident Vault. '' ( these are 10-year-olds ) so the baddest gang in the.... Little friend... later, in a real bastard, you 're to. Sweetroll you got from old Lady Palmer of things around with the for.... mrs. Palmer said I did n't have to leave now so I 'm going back in there gang... Shot, huh time he asked the player for help we share it... what are you, your man. Thought you 'd better run before those roaches come for you and an empty flask see if your was.

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